California deserves better than a Republikrat!!

The greatest revolution in California history has begun and its leader, California candidate for governor Chelene Nightingale, has gone ‘viral’ and worldwide.

While mainstream media outlets cooperate with orders to promote gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, global internet interest in Chelene Nightingale is exploding in the final 100 days before the November election.

Support From Voters From All Political Parties


Supporters of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ronald Reagan, Alex Jones, Martin Luther King, Jr., Glenn Beck, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Cesar Chavez, the American Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution are uniting in common support for Nightingale’s campaign for California governor.

Belief in the adage, “As goes California, so goes the nation”, has millions of Constitutional supporters from 48 states and 21 nations interested in seeing Chelene Nightingale become the 39th Governor of California.

California’s status as America’s richest, most populated, most powerful, and most desirable state makes it, and its governor’s race, an international focal point.  A revolution headed by a woman, who is frequently compared to Joan of Arc, makes it the most compelling political story of 2010 by far.

Public Demand Exploding

Californiality has received more than 200 emails advising against further coverage of the Nightingale Revolution, but 743,000 emails requesting more Chelene Nightingale coverage cannot be denied.  A modern revolution is too compelling to ignore.

The California Revolution of 2010 is a political nuclear blast that expands with each new day.  Its power and intensity are building.

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Infidel Brotherhood MSC Makes CoC

I am proud to inform all of our patch holders, prospects, hang-arounds and supporters that our brotherhood is now a member of the San Diego Confederation of Clubs.  The date, July 13, 2010.

This was not an easy process but a challenge that gave us the opportunity to meet good friends of all recognized clubs represented here.

Our club prospected hard.  We all put up to 30k miles on our bikes to do it.  We learned and earned.  I am thankful to have such a great crew of true brothers.  It is like the perfect puzzle and the pieces all fit.

I want to thank all the clubs who supported us, there are many.  I especially want to thank Violators MC, Grifters MC, Vietnam/Legacy Vets MC, Boozefighters MC, Smoke Eaters MC, WolfPack MC, Final Option MC, Saddletramps MC, Peckerwoods MC and Rough Riders MC.  Also all the Clean and Sober and Motorcycle Ministries who had our backs and recognized our hard work and friendship.  There are many more whose links you will see on our site.  We will be there for all of you guys.   L&R brothers, thank you!!!

Jimbo, President

Infidel Brotherhood MSC

Ramona, CA

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2010 Helmet Law Protest

(Doc Dandem, IBMSC) Yesterday, July 4th, my motorcycle brothers and I participated in the annual California Helmet Law Protest Ride held in San Diego. With the weather cool and cloudy as it has been for months here in southern California, crowds were down a bit everywhere. The weather aside, many of the dark clouds hanging over our heads are from government oppression at all levels, but especially at the state and federal levels. Yet, we took to the streets and freeways with a spirit of defiance that would have made our forefathers proud.

California’s helmet law that requires motorcycle operators and their passengers to wear approved helmets has been in effect since 1992. Motorcyclists are not much of a voting block and never demanded such forced “protection;” so, why all the concern from the government to force motorcyclists to wear helmets?

Ask that question and the answer will undoubtedly be “safety.” No one can reasonably argue that a motorcycle rider isn’t safer with a helmet. Sure, there are stories of how the doctor said so-and-so would have broken his neck, if he had been wearing a helmet. We’ve heard the same argument about seat belts: “so-and-so would have been killed, if he had been wearing his seat belt and hadn’t been thrown clear…”

However, the true reason for the helmet law is control. The American motorcyclist is today’s outlaw. His crime: pursuit of freedom. If anything you see in public symbolizes freedom, it’s the motorcyclist. Trust me, if the government had its way, motorcycles would be banned and cars not far behind that.

Motorcycles threaten a government attempting to enslave its people. They don’t use much gas; therefore the government loses tax revenue. They can park and fit just about anywhere which allows them to slip through more of the government’s traffic controls. However, the biggest fear that government has are the people who ride them. The fact is, most bikers oppose of this big liberal government and is not afraid to confront it either.

The pointy-headed liberals will argue that medical costs are higher due to head injuries sustained while not wearing a helmet. At the same time, they point to scientific studies that show a far higher death rate for riders without helmets. Well, which is it; higher death rates or higher medical costs? You can’t have both. That’s typical of the hypocrisy of liberals.

Next, the liberal crowd and their lemming-like followers will try to equate seat belt laws with helmet laws. While both may save lives, seat belts in a car allow the driver to stay behind the wheel and hopefully regain control as well as restrain passengers from being thrown about the cabin knocking the driver out of control. A motorcycle rider without a helmet is a threat to no one but himself.

The truth is that helmet laws are nothing more than a “cap” (both literally and figuratively) on our freedom. Allowing this type of intrusion and infringement, how long before these same nanny-state governments decide that motorcycles need at least three wheels to be safe?

Well, at least for a short time on Independence Day, we rode without a helmet. We outnumbered local law enforcement who didn’t want to make an issue of this. The powers that be don’t want to make this a rallying point. They cruised by our staging point at Fiesta Island and wisely saw discretion as the better part of valor. They were obviously relegated from enforcement to merely observing and reporting.

What were they able observe and report? That there were no accidents, no injuries, the world didn’t stop revolving and that not wearing a helmet does not automatically condemn one to death or serious injury. It’s time for the government to get off our backs. We can make our own personal safety decisions, but it isn’t about safety, is it?

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Independence Day

Bill Lussenheide
Candidate US Congress CA-45

As we celebrate our 4th of July, I recall the great words that actor Bill Pullman spoke  while playing the role of the President of the United States in the classic movie “Independence Day”. He was calling upon the faithful remnant to carry on their fight for freedom and independence. His words hold poignant truth today for our nation, as we face monumental obstacles and challenges in our country.

I write his words here, with only slight editing, as they are certainly applicable to our nation and movement now. My hope and prayer, that there would arise many sound leaders in our nation today, in business, education and government that would commit to these words as written…

…Good Evening . In less than a few hours,  you here will join others from around the country as patriots,…and you will be launching the largest and most important battle in this history of our America.

America — that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We must be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is Independence Day, that  you will once again be fighting for our freedom,  from tyranny, from oppression, and from persecution — but even from our annihilation.

We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist and to prosper!

And as we win the day, the Fourth of July  will no longer be known as a just another holiday , but as a day where true patriots declared in one voice:

“We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on!

We’re going to survive!

We’re going to win!!

We’re going to make a difference!

Today, we celebrate OUR American Independence Day !!!

God Bless You All!

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Happy Independence Day from IBMSC!

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GRIFTERS MC Black-Jack Run June, 2010

Check out the video on the link below:

Grifters Blackjack Run

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Ex-inmate sues ex-Chicago cop over alleged torture


Associated Press Writer

2:57 PM CDT, July 1, 2010


A man who claims former Chicago police Lt. Jon Burge tortured him into falsely confessing to murder has filed a sweeping civil suit that names everyone he blames for helping to wrongfully convict him, including Mayor Richard Daley.
Ronald Kitchen’s federal lawsuit comes just days after Burge was convicted of lying about the torture of suspects. Burge was convicted Monday of perjury and obstruction of justice charges for allegedly lying in another civil suit when he said he’d never participated in or witnessed any torture.

Kitchen served 21 years in prison — 13 of them on death row — for the 1988 murders of two women and three children. He said he confessed to the murders only after Burge and two officers beat, kicked and taunted him over 16 hours, striking him with a phone receiver, a phone book and a blackjack.

Kitchen, who’s now 44, was freed on July 7, 2009, after the Illinois Attorney General’s office dropped the charges against him. He received a certificate of innocence from the Cook County Circuit Court.

His lawsuit claims that Daley, who was Cook County state’s attorney in the 1980s, helped to conceal the abuse committed by Burge and the men under his command.

“Mayor Daley is personally responsible for prolonging the wrongful imprisonment of Ronald Kitchen,” said Locke Bowman, one of Kitchen’s attorneys, on Thursday. “He pretended that torture didn’t happen.”

In a statement, the city of Chicago’s law department said officials haven’t seen the lawsuit and wouldn’t comment on specific allegations.

“However, to the extent that there are any claims against Mayor Daley, it is important to note that Jon Burge was an employee in good standing at the Chicago Police Department under previous mayoral administrations, and was fired during Mayor Daley’s tenure. We strongly dispute any allegation that the Mayor was involved in a conspiracy,” the statement said.


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