So… You Wanna Be An “MC”

The process, as viewed by a 3-piece Patch Holder

(RoadRage, 2011)

Let me start out by saying that in no way, shape or form is this meant to infringe upon any personal freedoms, rights or even your desires as human beings that were fortunate enough to have found yourselves living in the greatest society on Earth, the United States of America. This was not written to tear down any personal credos of “Ride Free” or to regulate you in any way. This is meant to EDUCATE, not REGULATE.

The simple truths that are written herein were once known by all in the MC (Motorcycle Club) Community. They were a part of what characterized and upon which most individual club’s bylaws were constructed, as well as being engrained in the belief system of every one of those club’s members. The “Old School” bikers can surely attest to this.

The MC world is one that is founded upon FREEDOM and held together through RESPECT. It is critical that both of these cornerstones be regarded as equally important, within the MC Community, in order to ensure the peaceful coexistence of such a vastly diverse sub-set of society.

This unique culture, with its many “Colors,” is represented by everything from the “1% Outlaw Biker Clubs” at one end of the spectrum to the “Christian Biker Clubs” at the other end and just about everything you can think of in between. The only things that are always present in every club are, of course an undying love for riding motorcycles (that’s pretty much a given) and the two fundamentals mentioned above, the unwavering desire for Freedom and the absolute necessity of Respect.

Bear in mind, all of this is written with regard to MCs. Not your everyday Joe Independents, average citizens who have no clue as to the inner workings of our part of society, nor those RUBs that one day decided to buy everything brand new from the bike to the jacket, helmet, chaps, tassels, gloves, pant stirrups and vests with way too many brand new, stupid looking patches on them. Now, to avoid sounding hypocritical, let me also state that all of those “Motorcycle Enthusiasts” have every right to enjoy the freedom of the road and deserve the right to earn their own portion of respect, as much as we in the MC Community do. But for the purposes of this writing, they are in fact excluded.

To continue speaking on the fundamentals of Freedom and Respect, it’s important to realize that, in a perfect world, everyone would be free to do whatever they wanted when, where and however they pleased. While this sounds great it brings with it another set of problems. For instance, there is the fact that one man’s exercising of his unrestrained freedom will almost always infringe upon another man’s freedom and inherently bring with it a measure of disrespect.

So… while the ideal of Freedom is pure, the reality of freedom is only able to be implemented when tempered with respect. Again, in the setting of our imaginary perfect world, we would like to assume that this measure of respect would be common knowledge among the members of this particular sub-set of society. Almost an unwritten “Code Of Respect” somewhat akin to the, no longer recognized, “Rules Of The Road” that all motorists used to know and abide by “back in the day.”

In the heart of every Biker burns a fire stoked by their desire for and expression of their personal freedoms. For “Patch Holders” of established MCs, it is not a wildfire that is left to burn out of control, this fire is contained with a ring of respect. Respect for their patch/club, respect for other patches/clubs and perhaps most importantly, respect for themselves. Freedom expressed without respect can be a dangerous thing. Respect is not easily attained and it is always earned, not given or even taken.

“Patch Holders” of well known, established MCs have, by the very fact that they are wearing a “Full Patch,” EARNED a measure of respect from the other members of the MC Community. That respect is, in a sense, automatically bestowed upon the patch holder because of the community’s belief in and the history of the known, established and respected club that “patched out” that particular member. Without the foreknowledge of and respect for the club issuing the patch, the patch holder would have earned no respect within the MC community.

When you decide to exercise your personal freedoms by starting up a club because you just “want to do things your way” or you “can’t seem to find a club that you can commit yourself to because of this or that” or whatever your particular reason for starting up your own club may be… This situation is known as a “Pop Up Club.” While starting up a new club, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad idea… Doing it the wrong way, the disrespectful way, is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA.

Most “Pop Up Clubs” are started by founding members that have very limited experience with the MC world and the inner workings of it, or it’s unwritten “Code of Respect” that MCs are expected to govern themselves and their members by. This is usually because they either didn’t want to have to go through the “prospect” period required by all legitimate MCs or they unknowingly believe “it’s just that easy” to design and sew on a cool looking patch and viola… they are an MC.

In very few cases have “Pop Up Clubs” been formed with the knowledge that their actions were disrespectful to each and every patch holder of every MC, that had to earn that full patch through a prospecting period. But much like the laws of the land state… ignorance is no excuse. To simply put a “Cut” on and call yourself a full patched member of an MC without having EARNED that right, having prospected and proven that you understand the way the MC Community works and that you understand “Protocol” and respect… is so insulting that you might as well have spit on and slapped the face of every member of every MC in your community. This is NOT an exaggeration by any means.

How would a pop up club’s sewing on of some patches, assigning some officers and calling themselves an MC be any different than any other group of untrained people joining a particular subset of society and believing themselves to be automatically equal? Would you consider putting on a uniform and calling yourself a US Marine without having gone through basic training? Would you put on a smock and begin to practice medicine without having gone through med school? How likely are you to throw on a helmet and a turnout coat then run into a burning building to fight a raging fire without having completed the “probie” portion of the fire academy? Would it not be considered an insult for you to call yourself a journeyman carpenter without having completed your apprenticeship?

The first thing that patch holders of respected MCs ask when they see a Pop Up Club is “why didn’t you just join an established MC?” Of course there are about as many viable answers to that question as there are ideas of the perfect motorcycle, but it is a valid question none the less. Yes, you have the right to disagree with the basic philosophy of each and every established MC in your community and can thereby feel compelled to start up your own version, one that will “do it the right way” or whatever you think you’ve figured out better than everyone else. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do so.

It has been my experience that most Pop Up Clubs do it the wrong way, the disrespectful way. If you start up a club and right from the beginning put on what is known as an “MC Cube” and / or separate your patch into a “3 piece patch” (with top rocker, center patch and bottom rocker not connected to each other) YOU HAVE DONE IT THE WRONG WAY, THE DISRESPECTFUL WAY!

If you “fly that patch” in front of the wrong people you may very well have yourself in more trouble than you ever expected your well intended expression of your personal freedom to have gotten you into. If you disrespect certain members of the MC world you will very strongly regret having done so, whether you knew that’s what you were doing or not. KNOW THE COMMUNITY YOU ARE TRYING TO JOIN AND EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE THINGS YOU ARE EXPECTED TO DO, THE THINGS YOU ARE EXPECTED NOT TO DO AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF DOING THEM ANYWAY.

If you are still interested in starting up a new club rather than joining an already established one, respected by the MC Community, then here are some things that will help you do it the right way. DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AN “MC”… PERIOD! You have not EARNED the right to call yourself an MC nor have you or your founding members EARNED the right to call yourselves PATCH HOLDERS. PERIOD! Start your organization as a (SC) “Social Club” or a (RC) “Riding Club” or a (MSC) “Motorcycle Social Club.” Set your “Club” up much like an MC with rules / regulations / bylaws and all the rest of the organizational portion of the start up but DO NOT call it an MC. Show up to and introduce yourselves at local COC (Confederation Of Clubs) and similar meetings. Recruit new members through a proper prospecting period. Attend as many of the local MC events around your community as you can, showing support, getting yourself out there and noticed. Just make sure that what the community is noticing is your members acting appropriately (respectful) because believe it… YOU ARE BEING WATCHED and everything your members do is noticed.

It is during this initial period of your club, called something other than an MC, that you are actually “prospecting” your club to the MC community. There really is no getting around the prospect period. Since you felt you didn’t want to prospect for an existing club, your whole organization must now go through, for all intents and purposes, a prospecting period. There is no set time limit for your organization’s prospecting period, anymore than there is a standard amount of time for every individual MC’s prospects. That time is up to the individual or, in this case, club. How long does it take to earn respect? How long does it take to prove that you understand the way things are to work (Protocol)? It varies. But know this for certain… THERE IS NO ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT EARNING RESPECT.

Think about it. You are starting up a club, that one would assume will be heavily involved in the local MC Community… Why wouldn’t you want to have their acceptance and respect? This community isn’t for everyone. It has certain expectations that MUST be met. Do it the wrong way and… well… There’s just no telling what you might find out there on the road. Do it the right way and you might just be welcomed into OUR community. The choice is yours.


About infidelbrotherhood

As citizens and highwaymen of this great and free nation, we feel our brothers on iron are the most patriotic countrymen. We are the last frontiersmen in the west. We are blue collar, red white and blue Americans. We will not conform with a weak government who is trying to sell us out to the highest bidder. We will not accept those who are attempting to to convert us to some evil cult that is intolerant, abusive or pushing their demented lifestyles on us in the name of their god. We enjoy our freedoms and will keep them at ANY cost. Our government must not negotiate with terrorists, they must kill them. They must extract information from them at any cost. In our opinion, water-boarding is foreplay. We support our troops and any MC that dedicates themselves to our fighting brave American troops. We are not a one percenter MC, we are a motorcycle social club. However, we are structuring in an organized manner with respect to all MC's. We are proud of the red white and blue. We do not and will never claim any territory. We are not a hate group, we are patriots who believe in freedom and want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the liberties our forefathers fought and died for. We are grateful to our servicemen and women who are far from home defending our freedoms from ideologies that are counterproductive and threaten America. We are located in the beautiful sunny San Diego paradise. We understand that not everyone will agree with our views, and that's the good part. How fantastic it is to be in the greatest nation of all where we can agree to disagree. As bikers, we enjoy the freedom of the road and the friends we make. We are a brotherhood and our bond is strong. We are not a clean and sober club but some of our members do not drink. We respect this and will not hinder their recovery. Our members are prohibited from using illegal chemical drugs. (The following is a disclaimer to satisfy law enforcement): We do ride hard but of course we would never promote the disobedience of the posted speed limit, use any helmet that is not DOT rated, ride loud and obnoxious motorcycles that do not meet California EPA standards or piss on the side of the road. We are benevolent and do the best we can to put pole dancers through college one dollar bill at a time. FRATER PRO VITA -- IFFI
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115 Responses to So… You Wanna Be An “MC”

  1. Nicetee says:

    Love it this enlightened me on a lot of things…… The bay area set needs to really read this.

    • de la soul says:

      im in Wash,DC. we hav 1% clubs that are established in other places and now they are in DC, they are tryna 2 regulate and takeover the m/c community here. telling clubs how 2 wear patches and in sum cases snatching patches off bikers.even though they r established in other places they are considered a new club here any advice?

      • de la soul,

        I’d advise going straight to the 1%rs Club house and state your case. You’ll find more justice and respect there than any where else just for showing up. Be respectful, answer questions that are related. Good luck.

      • Robert says:

        I think for myself if I were to own a bike it would be a Harley. I would want to join an established MC that shared my values and beliefs. I have no clue how to start a social or riding club. What could I offer that an already established MC doesn’t already have? I like the idea of rules/regulations, bylaws ,code of conduct along with freedom. This was a great article. Thank you.

  2. This article was excellent it is what I have tried to explain to my in-laws when i was trying to tell them about me joining a motorcycle ministry.They say why go through all this trouble recruiting people for a new chapter to build up a motorcycle ministry that belongs to someone else when you can have your own. I told them it is not as easy as designing colors to sew on and call yourself a motorcycle ministry , club or what ever I said there are more steps in creating your own than finding an organization in which you feel comfortable with and joining them. Not to bring religion into this but think about this, When Jesus was prospecting the origonal 12 disciples he didn’t just pick anybody he picked quality men and no one just came up to anyone and said I am a disciple because it would have been false and certainly disrespectful and also discredit that person and his family and i would like to think it is the same way with motorcycle clubs today.

    • LSChump says:

      What kind of quality in men did Jesus pick when looking for the disciples, I wonder? They were from all different walks of life, one was considered to be rich, one was a tax collector, many fishermen even a carpenter, they all became fishers of men through Christ Jesus. They weren’t quality, or extremely wealthy, or all married men with families, some were bad for the day, i.e. tax collector, it was what they had in their heart that that made them a good candidate and molded into quality. Total other end of the spectrum of a 1℅ MC, but I do see you’re point. Without correct structure there is chaos.

  3. Marc says:

    This isn’t little league, you just don’t show up and everyone gets a trophy. Very well written, protocols get over looked and by passed all the time for the sheer reason that none wants to do the ground work or feels intimidated to approach the big boys in the block (whoever that may be due to demographic) and respectfully request permission to set up shop. In most cases they are going to be surprised at the response they receive and the respect they get just from asking. I had a nice “3 piece” made up by children when I returned from deployment, nothing screamed MC on it, but due to my location in an MC heavy community, I made the rounds with vest in hand (I will not call it a cut, because it does not represent a club I ride for) just to say hey I’m back in the area and I’ll be wearing this, no objections and plenty of offers of to ride, whats better than that. You will find that most out there in the MC community are approachable, decent folks. It’s our lifestyle, there is a history behind it, that is part of what makes it great, the fact that people just don’t go running into every leather shop they come across and make their own stuff up. I appreciate the group of guys that get together on the weekends and ride together, but bikers they are not, a club they are not, some are smart enough, some are not. There are a group of individuals in NJ riding as the Sons of Anarchy MC New Jersey, first of all this is wrong by not being original, second by risking an a$$ kicking by wearing a make believe MC’s cut and acting like an MC. Third, by being LE and calling LE when approached, sorry, badges don’t apply in this world, MC rules apply…By all means I appreciate what you do to keep us safe, but enter the MC world and its MC rules, you can’t play both sides of the coin.

  4. noname says:

    This is the worst article i have ever read. The united states of america is a free country. The CoC is ran by the 1%er’s, so why would I (a law abiding american) care what a bunch of no good hoodlums want or say. Also your statements about the LEMC’s are incorrect, 1%er’s will not do or say anything to these MC’s cause they would get locked up faster than you can blink your eyes. From what you said in this article it sounds alot like communism not freedom and having someone tell you what to wear and when you can wear thats not respect thats called you being a 1%ers little puppet ass bitch. That is all.

    • reality says:

      Noname, you are a gutless cunt bitch that would never speak to a 1%er in person the way you speak as a keyboard coward, and the way you defend lemc makes me believe you are a cop. You know nothing about respect and believe that a badge protects you because you are too afraid to stand up for yourself, yet you want to wear a 3 piece patch, give me a break retard.

      • mitch says:

        very well said reality!

      • A Seeping Giant says:

        Hey ‘reality’ I will go mano a mano with any 1%er, and my club: the united states of America, will curb stomp your gang if you piss us off enough. You commie pukes are only trouble and don’t deserve to be here anyway. Even if some of you did manage to malinger through a few years of military service, you couldn’t wait to renounce your oath to defend the Constitutional Rights of all Americans in return for the flag of your new country: your 1% gang. Ether straighten up, get out or get ‘corrected’. The free lunch is coming to an end.

    • jason says:

      fuk u asshole!!! u hav no idea so go crawl bak in bed behind ure 300 pd toothless fat ass mother and shut ure cocksuker

    • Hayden says:

      I have little knowledge of MCs but I know looking at the world today and all its troubles that the dream of having freedom and respect would make it a much better place hence the reason I’d love to join an MC, learn more about the lifestyle and respect my fellow brotherhood so this guy’s views are blocked by the very people (politician) who are limiting his freedom, this coming from a 17 year old boy with the urge to ride with a brotherhood and earn a patch and my freedom

    • Hayden says:

      I have little knowledge of MCs but I know looking at the world today and all its troubles that the dream of having freedom and respect would make it a much better place hence the reason I’d love to join an MC, learn more about the lifestyle and respect my fellow brotherhood so this guy’s views are blocked by the very people (politician) who are limiting his freedom, this coming from a 17 year old boy with the urge to ride with a brotherhood and earn a patch and my freedom

    • darkride1actual says:

      I dont believe he ordered you too do a damned thing. He simply explained the best way to express your sport without offending others. I belong to a veterans mc and on a recent long run we notified the dominant clubs who we were and where we were going. We didnt ask them as we believe we have earned the right to ride where we will but causing a war to take place with innocents or your brothers at risk is asinine. Grow up.

    • A Seeping Giant says:

      Well said and true, screw these vainglorious crooks, until they stop violating other people’s Rights they deserve NO respect. It’s time to remind them hat not all decent people are cowering wimps.

      • Yes you are. You didn’t even use your real name to post your bullshit. I’m not a patch holder, nor do I plan to ever be one (after a decade in the Army and retiring as a SSG I don’t really like the idea of being a private again), but you’re no warrior. How are you going to come on here and strut your stuff while cowering behind a fake name? You would piss your pants the first time a 1%er mean mugged you because “decent” people don’t know or understand what it’s like to live in a truly chaotic world where the struggle between life and death is constant. You’re a kept pet that has removed himself from the harsh realities of life to live in comfortable slavery whoring yourself out to the upper classes. Go back to your food bowl, pet.

    • Richard Blair AKA DOZER says:

      I’m stunned by your response! I belonged to a Christian MC and had to hangaround, be invited to prospect, complete the prospect phase, which lasted about 8 months by the way. I had to earn the right to wear the colors. When a person joins the military, you don’t just throw on the uniform and oresto, your a soldier, sailor, airmen, etc etc etc…. you earn the right to wear the uniform! Same goes with any solid MC. Now I have nothing against LE clubs but if they want to be a club act right, and don’t start throwing the badge around after being insulting to 1%ers at events and than when the crap hits the fan start whipping out badges, because they get in over their heads.

      • DD says:

        Actually…..when a person joins the military, the very first thing they do after shaving yor head, is putting you directly into the uniform……and you are instantly called a seaman/airman/private/soldier…..

      • Sean Mack says:

        I realize this is a zombie thread but I gotta say to DD I spent 13 weeks on Parris Island called “recruit” and like every Marine before or after me ate shit the entire time before I EARNED the title Marine.

  5. Noname they got a special patch for when they’re done with you and those like you.

  6. Eric says:

    I run a Garage and want to get a back patch of my logo for my vest, with the company name as the top rocker, no bottom rocker. Should this be something I take to local MCs to get “approval”? I wouldn’t think so, considering it’s a logo and “MC” isn’t anywhere on the vest and it’s not a Club at all. However, I may sell the logo patches at a later date and don’t want to offend anyone.

    It would look like this:

    (“Stimpy” centered over “Motorsports”, both top rockers, with the logo underneath) Logo is a V-twin in background with Skull and Crossed wrenches in foreground

  7. Dave says:

    Eric, it probably wouldn’t hurt to just swing by and chat up your dominant in the area. Its a sign of respect and wouldn’t hurt. Chances are you are going to meet some good people and have a great time. I moved South and was patched with a prominent F/Fs club. I paid respect and was allowed to fly the patch, but they do things different here. After a while I was asked if I wanted to hang around & prospect with a great group of guys here. I chose to do so, and when and if I get patched in my cut will be returned to my former brothers. Its all about L&R… And NONAME…try saying that to the wrong people….Don’t be a moron. A vast majority of the guys are vets and espouse freedom, and just like in your world there has to be regs to have freedom. Put down the Sons on A&E and learn what true brotherhood and earning it really are. But yes Eric out of courtesy I would just mention your plan, they will not bite you.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks for your reply, Dave. I’ll make sure to take your advice when we move forward with our logo plans. It sounds very promising. Thanks again!

  8. Charlie don't surf says:

    Too linked with 1%. Close to a bitch club. Sorry. No joy

  9. soldierfromcali1 says:

    Before I go into my feelings on the subject I’ll say a little about myself. I have 8yrs active duty in the army and counting. I’ve spent over 3yrs of that in a combat zone. I grew up riding motorcycles and have been around mc’s all my life. I used to be in a club (not a 1%er club). I was kicked out for…………. idk being to much of a rowdy drunk i guess. Anyways this club I was in started about 9yrs ago. They didnt ask permision from anyone. In the begining there were issues and threats but nothing serious. Now 9 yrs later they are the second largest in the world and are free to do what they want. They dont go looking for trouble but they dont back down from it either. I once saw a chapter president of a well known club that has the same colors as they do, show up to one of their functions with some of his brothers, take a swing at someone and get his ass kicked. Stomped real bad. We thought for sure there would be some kind of serious aftermath but just the opposite happened. There has been no issues between the to clubs in that town since.
    All I am saying is be respectful but dont let ppl tell you what to do. DONT START NO SHIT WONT BE NO SHIT.

  10. skippy says:

    could somebody please tell me what I.F.F.I. stands for? I found a vintage t-shirt with IFFI on the front and Independent MC on the back, and believe it has to do with motorcycles but can’t find anything concrete online. Thank you so much in advance! – Skippy

  11. patch hloder says:

    As a 13 combat vet that has road all his life also agrees that freedom should be respected. Why the f&ck did we go fight for our country for then? I ride in a real MC three piece patch club, we have ever ask permission to start up any where and we are EVERYWHERE! All these stupid arse rules everyone talks about dint excist in the 50 or 60’s. Only in the late 70 and 80 did these un written rules come I to play. There for pulling away from old school protocols. So as times change so must the acceptance of MC world. Its going to happen and in fact is happening. Nobody is afraid of the big bad 1% wolf anymore. Live and let ride.

    • Brent Grubbs says:

      You hit it on the head. The MC world became like street gangs during the 1970s and 1980s. Times be a changin’ fast though.

    • A Seeping Giant says:

      Right on he money patch holder, we defenders of America are the real big ‘good’ wolf once we bother to take notice. Let all who victimize others fear US!

    • Ronnie says:

      If you know and live in the motorcycle club world you know the top dogs are the dominent 1%ers. You may have not asked permission to start your club but your club is probly a joke and holds no clout in the 1%er world. Witch means your club is no threat and holds no power in the biker world so why would the dominent 1%ers risk any bad pr or even care about your little club. All these little clubs that start up just look like wanna be’s that couldn’t make a real 1% mc.

      • Tommy says:

        No club 1%’ers or not has any right to tell any other American what he or she can or can not do. This plainly speaks directly to violating another’s Constitutional rights. That is NOT stomping your feet crying as expressed in the article. It is an inherent God given right. Yet what I read here along with various comments is people thinking one must have permission from others to do that which is their God given inherent right. Now before you keyboard tough guy know it alls start the threats or hypotheticals. Yes I was raised in a family where father and uncles had the opportunity years ago to patch over to the hell’s angels… a known criminal organization, they declined and continued as they wished. I teach my children as well stand on your rights and take no shit.. but as I see it some here believe you must submit because someone may be bigger or badder than you, THAT is the definition of pussyism. Violence over what you wear or colors, the layout of a patch or what you ride and wear. Anyone who believes others deserve the right to tell you what you should do in these regards IS promoting totalitarianism, tyranny and promoting ideals directly against what this nation was founded upon. Individual liberties and freedoms. And yes you can be free without disrespecting others, but face it some are offended by as you be stated colors patches what you ride and wear? Seems the author isn’t willing to look at the inconsistencies of his communistic approach to freedom in this nation and merely paints broad strokes using fear tactics of those he and others biasedly believe have the right to tell you what you can and can not do. As for me and mine we will do as we please and I am saddened that a supposed veteran is twisting the definition of freedom to help boost his and others egos and influence over others freedoms. So sad, I thought he took the Oath like many of us other veterans and law enforcement have. If you ride a bike and enjoy it with others like yourself your not a wannabe you ARE, if your dumb enough to bow down to criminal groups well that’s on you, but do not presume I or any other American must follow your obvious inconsistent advice, which as stated does not promote freedom but communistic socialistic tyrannical mind set. Like if I have been alive longer than you… before you posted this you should have asked someone older if it’s OK because you may offend someone’s twisted and of the way things should be done. I’m always packing and never run, why, because this is my country and I am free to do as I damn well please and stand firm against all despotic ideas or in this case ego biasedly driven causes which do all but promote freedom of American citizens.

  12. mike says:

    Great piece
    Well written and very informative and I now have a greater appreciation for all those members who wear their colors proudly I was very ignorant to what it takes to form a mc and there is a ladder of progression and I can respect that.

    • Weasel says:

      Nice article. As for all this crap about getting permission for forming MC’d and about wearing rags/cuts. First off cuts are MC earned uniforms, and the dominants did their time, and shed their blood to wear them. You wouldn’t go out and buy a military, police, or fireman’s uniform and call yourself such. Treat our cuts the same please. Second respect is of the utmost importance in the MC community, how can you expect us to respect you, if you don’t show us respect. Just ask, and save yourself the trouble. Or better yet join a respected MC. They are not all criminals and murderers, on the contrary. Most are very respected, just don’t disrespect us, we won’t back down.

      • alanbstardmp says:

        you are an idiot. Individual clubs are not lawfully subject to the standards of other clubs. it’s intimadation oand force. Don’t compare service uniforms with MCs patches

      • A Seeping Giant says:

        What alanbstardmp said.

  13. brennan lee says:

    if you wont to start a bike club then how dom you earn the mc patch

  14. Brent Grubbs says:

    All you gay little MC’s and your little rules. Nothing to do with bikes or the road, Just a bunch of addicts and drunks, looking for an excuse for your lifestyle. Don’t compare your uniform to that of the military or the first responders, it is an insult to those that have given so much to our country. Most 3 piece wearers have a tendency to skirt outside the law, so don’t call yourself upstanding either. Next, you talk of shedding blood….for what???!!! You start shit with other MC’s and the result is bloodshed. How does that make you any different than some street gang in the inner cities of the U.S? One by one, you land in jail or prison, while you claim to be so righteous.

    • Weasel says:

      First off sir, I have personally served in the military, law enforcement, and as a fire fighter.
      Second the majority of MC’s are made up of veterans, and most are respectable. You can’t compare all of them to the Outlaws or HA.
      Third I take offense to you referring to all of us as gay.

      • survive says:

        Lol at “Third I take offense to you referring to all of us as gay.” That’s fucking brilliant. I bet you had him scratching his head for a good long minute on that one….

      • alanbstardmp says:

        and i bet you, the brave warrior does everything the outlaws tell you. ” don’t you start a club or else “

      • Ronnie says:

        Your comment sounds gay. What else do you want people to think. Little made up clubs are usually made up of riders who couldn’t make a dominant 1% club. Not every one can be #1. Except that and move on

    • A Seeping Giant says:

      Brent Grubbs, absolutely right!

  15. Oddball says:

    what about Iron Order? They call themselves an MC and now are in ALL 50 states and Internationally. They did not follow any protocol but the ones from the 50 and 60’s

    • WhoCares says:

      Clearly there were a few references to IO in the comments. They don’t follow protocol, don’t show respect, and certainly don’t receive any around here that I’m aware of unless they’re talking to a magic mirror or stroking each others egos..

    • alanbstardmp says:

      that’s right. No one has to follow these protocols. You gotta be prepared to fight for your rights though. Unfair but true

  16. C-LO says:

    OK my main question is how does a 1%er club that is all white and allows no blacks in their club have say so over a MC or RC that’s has a mixed race club? Shouldn’t the MC have its own board when it comes to black clubs? Meaning the new so called MC clubs that are not 1%ers.

    • alanbstardmp says:

      what about all black clubs? I believe the MCs won’t take on black clubs as if they did, every black, including those who don’t ride will side with their black brothers

    • SouthernGrim says:

      C-Lo ik for a fact as this happend to a dear friend of mine if you start a club and do not go and speak to the president of the dominant club in your area they will see it as a sign of disrepect and to put it lightly tear you a new one

  17. sweetdahliame says:

    It’s a strange thing, someone posts a simple article, in this case “so you wanna be an MC” which was well written and for all purposes was meant to be informative. And when reading the responses, some respectful and staying with the subject in which the poster wrote, others have decided to go way off to the right and make comments, that really when you think about it, are rude and “well simply unnecessary”

    This country was based on freedom of speech. The poster was simply giving his opinion which he is entitled to! And it is for us to address his post without badgering or being downright aggressive and nasty. Something he wrote, that I find interesting and would like to address, is to keep America free, and stay with the rights this country was awarded by it’s founding fathers. I would like to address “the elephant in the room” we are in a state of chaos, rights of the people are being betrayed the traditional way of life is becoming obsolete. By making this statement, I am not discussing race I am talking radical Muslim practises. It is not just happening in America this is a global problem!!! And when I make these statements I like to make sure I can back my shit up soooo for your viewing pleasure please check my links below ….

    Yes, some of these videos were shocking, my question I pose to all, could you imagine sharia law practises here? From what you saw in these videos, I would assume your answer to be NO !! Take the time to read the MC mission statement, as per some comments, they are not racist, they are not talking through their ass, and they are not all drunks and druggies…… When making these allegations it’s always a good idea to make sure as shit you can back these statements up. The original poster took the time to write a post, simply be respectful of everyone, there is never a need to talk down to someone, or degrade them, or persecute them, why not just understand or ask questions if you don’t understand something. In life, there is a right way to do things….. And by the looks of some of these comments, there is a wrong way, an ignorant way, a downright des respectful way. When in doubt, learn to think before posting a comment or opening your mouth…..

    • survive says:

      I suppose the irony of free-speech means that all the dregs of the social cesspool get to come on here and rant and rabble in their disrespectful and limited life experience way. And then we get to tell them to fuck off and go back to whatever unimportant thing they were busy doing before they attempted unsuccessfully to interact with the rest of society.

  18. Your 100% right SURVIVE ….. I gave your reply a lot of thought, and I came to a small conclusion, for the dregs and the know it alls, could we simply create a clause which states “while this country practices the freedom of speech, in order to comment on anything, first make sure your knowledgeable, second if your not, that’s ok just say , hey I didn’t know that, thank you for teaching me something new……..and third if your comments to a poster or speaker who took time from their day to try and make the average joe learn something new, and you dog the poster or speaker I think said dregs should be given the clause which should be injected with 100cc’s of shut the fuck up”

  19. Shiners says:

    Very informative, We knew some of the practices and rules to start, however this has helped quite a bit int he forming of our club. Thank you.

  20. Skintback says:

    Google TGSNT. Amazing info never revealed and what is pushing the agenda.

  21. alanbstardmp says:

    what a load of self important shit. MCs cry Freedom, yet deny others that very freedom

  22. Ron says:

    I find all of this a bit silly. I am a 23 year Navy Vet, proud of it, and I belong to a Motorcycle Ministry. Everyone of us come from a different back ground and perspective on life, our freedoms, and and personal faith or for some of you lack of faith. My fear and respect does not focus on man but on Christ. We are a single patch M/M, not a club, and we do not have a prospect period (weather you agree with that or not} for you to prove yourself worthy. We do require you have a church home, are a born again Christian, and want to serve your community. We do not recruit, and we do not participate in events where outlaw MC’s are involved. Not because we are better then them but we focus on homeless ministries and outreach. If other MC or MM want to hang out at outlaw events, that is their decision, and between them and the Lord. We have every right to do things our way. That word “respect” is just too easily thrown out there and has different meanings to different people. For our M/M respect is obeying a higher law then something man would die it as. I do believe all outlaw groups have their share of veterans, trouble makers, good intentioned folks (a cross a society) in them, it’s just not who we are and we don’t feel the need to ask for their permission to do what we do or how we do it. At the same time, we don’t tell them what we think they should be doing; that is what law enforcement is for and ultimately, my personal belief, is they will answer to a higher power one day, just like all of us. There is room on the highways for all of us and there is no need to throw insults, be judgmental, or expect things to be done your way, because that’s just the way we say it’s going to be. Be safe out there – Ron.

  23. bourbon says:

    On may 16 at 8:30 am at Caliente Harley Davidson and ending at the national shooting complex, in where there will be music, bbq, and prize give aways. Paralyzed Veterans of America Texas chpt will be holding their first annual bike run. 100%of the money raised goes to Texas vets with spinal cord injuries. Wheelchairs and motorcycles can’t go wrong.

    Bourbon, Matthew
    Sec tx pva

  24. Nick Antropov says:

    Thank you for great advise !! This will me help for start Motorcycle Club in glorious Nation Kazakstan.

  25. Herminia says:

    Bunch of Homos playing . Take a shower and get a job.

  26. David S. Coldewe says:

    I am a retired Seabee Chief and I live in Iowa and I still want to join so what do I need to do to get the ball rolling. I am a cold war vet Vietnam and Desert Storm a total of 20 years 2 month on active duty. You have my e-mail here is my phone number 636-262-6748 I am fully retired and I ride a 2009 HD Tri-Glide with a whole lot of work done to it motor and all. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you.

  27. Jester says:

    Very well written, but a few key factors must be taken into play. As a veteran of the 82nd Airborne division, we began an MC with the ideas of honoring military, fire department, police officers and like minded individuals within its ranks. Not a new idea, mind you, but an excellent and difficult choice. The big picture of this entire process deals in FREEDOM and RESPECT. I start my chapter and contact my local COC, who then informs be that I can’t be in their ranks with an LE (Law Enforcement) identifier, and I am told to remove it. I am then told that I must not only abide by my bylaws, but those of the COC. I’ll tell you this, I fought and bleed for my freedom, as well as the freedom of others who choose not to our could not. If I choose to RESPECTFULLY conduct myself as a professional organization that promotes my community positively, then I have the FREEDOM to do so. Whether I have the respect of more established MC’S and outlaw groups is not my primary concern, yet the threats do and will come. Just remember the next time you point that finger at another red blooded American that I fought for your freedom to dip so. The sheer fact that LE is not welcome shows the negative stigma held to your brothers in blue, and that law means nothing to the COC. MC’S do not ‘bleed’ for their probationary right to become patch holders. Service men and women bleed for your right to be a club in a free nation. The moment you have forgotten that, and lost sight and respect for that, your finger pointing no longer means a damn thing. With that said, this piece is informative, but not all inclusive. 😉

    • Ronnie says:

      Law enforcement has no place in motorcycle clubs. They try and bust clubs while at work and then want to pretent to be a biker on the weekend. What a joke. Hipocritical losers. The last person anyone wants showing up at a party or ride is a pig! If you don’t understand the coc then you don’t belong in that world.

      • alanbstardmp says:

        tey don’t pretend. The early traditional clubs had cops from the beginning. The fact you don’t want cops in your club means you wish to get up to criminal activity

        Fuck the COC. That is for people like you. Clubs who are not 1% don’t need to be in the CoC

  28. Ben says:

    fuck moderate muslims also, they say they’re peacful but wont condem jihad.

  29. A Seeping Giant says:

    Sorry boy, but if you knew what real respect was you wouldn’t be trying to push people to play by bullshit rules made by bullshit people. If you dirtbags feel ‘disrespected’ because people refuse to be your slaves or ask your permission, just imagine how much you would hate it if the shoe were on the other foot, oh, hat’s right, you already licked that shoe to get ‘allowed’ to be a biker and now you want everyone else to do it to. Sorry punks, you don’t own bikerness and you don’t own us, we the decent non criminals of the world will ride how we wish and give respect to the respectable and lead/ jail sentences to any 1% trash who is unAmrican enough to try infringe on our Rights. Yeah you self centered hyenas think you are invincible but wait until you piss off the wrong group of Citizens, we will take away your toys boys, so I advise your kind to learn some real respect and impose your shit ONLY on your own lawless, greedy, rowdy, selfish, self rationalizing, vain, childish, evil kind and stay well behaved and respectful around patriotic Citizen bikers and our MCs, or else.

    Give me liberty or give me (your) death.

    • Shaitan says:

      Many of the modern MC 1% clubs have forgotten the meaning of freedom at least for others. They were willing to go against the tide of societies restrictions and rules, mainly the point was the comrade re of veterans of foreign wars. I am an active combat veteran I ride alone and with my unit and platoon. Since I have bled and killed for the lives of my teammates, family, and country I would not think twice about doing the same domestically to any wanna be bully tyrant.

      Any that take the freedom from others should prepare to lose everything.

    • Ronnie says:

      You can think what you want. You are probly mad cause you couldn’t make it as a real biker. (a 1%er.) all bikers will look at your stupid little club and chuckle. Wanna be’s who couldn’t make a real club is what most everyone thinks of you. Wa wa little man.

    • alanbstardmp says:

      excellent. Easy to keep them in line in conceal and carry states. Screw the MCs

  30. Hood says:

    I recently contacted a member of the Infidels MC regarding the path they took to start their club. I did not know about this site but I am very thankful for it. I have been trying to find out which was the appropriate route to take in starting an RC. I have been in an MC before but we weren’t necessarily drinking buddies with members of the local COC. I now know what I need to do. I have had a dream for several years now and I will find 4 other men to help me make it a reality.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  31. Darrel bailey says:

    I luv it the right way things should be done awesome!!!

  32. Stargazer says:

    Thanks for your article, it might just get the Sons of Anarchy set to open their eyes and realize that they cant just make an M/C out of a few people who ride together. I had a sit down with a couple of 3 piece clubs to determine if my new patched Motorcycle Family was an O.K. idea. I was guided and instructed as to how I could put on the patch without stepping on the toes of my brothers. this page relays the most important part of the life, RESPECT. great job.


  33. Big Bear says:

    Very informative. Thank you for posting this.

  34. Bull says:

    Very helpful article up top, it’s a great tool for those new to a club lifestyle. Simply by reading through the comments thread here gives the exact reason that loosely tossed around term (freedom) comes with so many stipulations. 1. being that one individuals idea of freedom is to use that freedom to put in place the guidelines he so chooses to operate under, giving all of those who’s ideas and ways things should operate the same as the originators. 2. In no time flat a spineless disrespectful pissant does not agree to said operating processes and runs his mouth trash talking and disrespecting someone else’s ideas and that individuals mindset of freedom. That same puke starts his own club with his own operating processes that in his mind are proper and due to his small man syndrome draws a line in the sand so to speak creating separated territory’s resulting in senseless tension and ongoing pissing contest where the pukes (no particular reference to the term pukes in anyway shape or form here just to clarify). Noname, you have every right to state your opinion and your beliefs but by doing so in the unprofessional disrespectful manner you yourself chose to use is the exact reason Freedom in a club or any organization has rules to abide by. This allows founder (s)/originals to weed out every ignorant, pea brained uneducated, disrespectful fuck with different ideas ( in this case YOU, from joining my club and being a thorn in my side. Hence the term (brotherhood, like minded individuals with same ideology as one another coming together without the drama from some but hurt pussy who had a different idea of how things should have went and instead of respecting the other individuals ideology and simply putting in a little hard work (respectfully earning) to form a club, group, society or whatever you so choose to call it based on your own ideas and beliefs thus cohabitating peacefully with or in close proximity of other groups/clubs, instead you spit in the face of your neighbor (blatant disrespect) making life for you and anyone sharing your mindset overtime snowballing into turf war style childish dick measuring contests.

    Bottom line i, not everyone has the same outlooks on life or how they choose regulate it. live and let die. Had this been an actual real life In persons discussion with each person in attendance that left a comment, I’m quite sure your mouth would not have ran off as freely and your fingers did on the keyboard here. Take note on how the grown ups in the room addressed each of us as an equal in our rights to have our own opinions and to do with them as we see fit as opposed to bashing yours and others in the process leaving the door wide open for people like yourself who for whatever reason have a sense of self titlement to simply open your mouth up again to further solidify the extent of your ignorance to express your own hypocritical definition of the word freedom and how everyone should follow your rules….(NOT FREEDOM BTY)
    By all means round up your closest handful of buddies write your own rules, designing and place your patches ad walk into a multi club function talking to others in the same fashion you mistakenly chose for this thread. I can promise you the outcome would yield much different results and please don’t get the wrong interpretation on this, and I’m in no way shape or form saying anyone persons outlook is better or crew is more badass or anything but rather we have learned a few things together as a group here I feel. I know I learned a couple things. A day without learning is a day without progression. Keep in mind, however there will always be a path of least resistance and by choosing that path will help you more in the long and may cause you to follow one or two of those

  35. James says:

    This article was going great at the beginning… like amazing… I was hoping you were going to pitch me a full book! But then.. for me… in my “every man is equal” head… it just gets petty… or pretentious or something… Maybe the word is childish or immature. Let me share my opinion: If I set up a martial arts club do I have to get the respect of all other clubs…? do I need to show some lineage to the past…? In brick and mortar reality… no… absolutely not… If I think I have something worth sharing then I can create a club in which ever way feels good… I can take things I like from other clubs, lose things I don’t like… And if I want, I can give people a black belt just for turning up. Because it’s my club and as per your article we believe in freedom. My club has absolutely no reflection on the past and absolutely no reflection on you. If you decide that it does then that has absolutely nothing to do with me. Your inner world, the thoughts in your head have clung on to something that is simply not real. An idea. And with this idea, (of the past), you have confused respect for the MC community with something… disrespect. Your idea of how an MC SHOULD work is not real, not law, not ethical, not freedom, not respect, just your idea… thoughts… electrical signals in your brain. It has nothing to do with the really real world. Just how you feel. And feelings are more dangerous than a 1000 pop up MCs. You can argue 1) I am not showing you respect in some way because I didn’t follow (your idea) of the rules 2) You are justified to rebuff my (perceived) disrespect with rudeness and/or aggression; directed at me because of my “pop up” club. Is this respect to the MC community or you’re emotional reaction to an idea in your head. Even the term pop up club is yours and any idea that comes with that… Yours and yours alone.. An MC is not a real thing it is an idea. Defending ideas quickly deteriorates into battles (or endless wars) because there can never be a winner ….because ideas are not real. So both parties are ALWAYS wrong. They are personal. Can not be shared. OK I might not call myself a fireman but my desire to save someone from a fire is really what is important. At the end of the day badges, secret handshakes, dress codes, phds, job titles, size of our house, car, penis… whatever… it all means absolutely nothing. Their ideas constructed on flawed logic aka emotion. Personal preference. Bias. Education. Brain washing. Emotion, emotion, emotion. The only freedom that exists is the freedom to understand this. And in doing so, the result is, you live as part of a much larger more real community than the fabricated ones created in clubs, gangs and by industries. I wish you joy and happiness. Motorbikes changed my life.

  36. Jay williams says:

    By no means should I or will I ask another man what I can wear or ride…Period

  37. Sapper says:

    There is no freedom in an MC. They are full of stringent rules, restrictions, and guidelines you have to follow. You will have to subjugate yourself to become a patched member. Why would any American do such a thing? Especially a veteran would has fought to protect freedom. MCS are dying. Real, free, Americans have every right to do what they want and wear what they want. MCS are full of weak little joiners. Bunch of bitches. I am a combat arms veteran, I fear no man.

    • Charly says:

      You’re a strong guy, really? But You have no idea what it means to be a member of an MC! – And let me tell You:Your freedom ends where my freedom is touched. Believe me that nobody has the right to cross that border! Live lucky and never meet the men, You don’t fear!

  38. Slix says:

    I just would like to say, Well written!
    I am parting of a newer local Southern California Riding Club that has been attending the C.O.C. Meetings locally and have found everything said here to be true! You really need to listen and be cautious of your clubs behavior and respect the existing MC’s in your area. You are indeed prospecting to the whole MC community and it would be in your best interest to show this respect!

  39. Jordan Roach says:

    Well if you want to be a club you have that rite and comparing that to misrepresenting your self as milatary member is a littel off point but ig calling your self some thing your not is disrespectful to every one inclubing your self oh by the way marines dont got to basic they go to boot camp

    • Michael Frantz says:

      Continue to do it. In the Marines we had a saying. Walk your post from flank to flank and take no shit from any rank.
      The more someone says I can’t do something, the morest I want to do it. It’s America for crying out loud.

  40. DD says:

    Devils advocate here with a truly honest line of questioning:
    So, what if a person does not agree with many aspects of the “Biker Community”, or doesn’t “fit” into the boxes that have been established?
    What if the person is not an “Outlaw”, and due to employment with NON-LAW ENFORCEMENT government agencies who do extensive vetting and background checks, cannot associate with 1% clubs.
    What if the entire “biker image” and lifestyle isn’t what they are trying to emulate or imitate but they just want do their own thing.
    What if their idea of a “Motorcycle Club” really does completely revolve around riding motorcycles and hanging out with friends.

    In other words, in what way does starting a truly different kind of motorcycle club, that doesn’t even drift into the world of the 1% clubs, other than passing them on the road, do any type of damage or harm to the “Biker Community”

    I don’t really fall into the “biker” stereotype. I don’t go to biker events or rallies, I don’t hang out in biker bars. I have a lot of political/social/ethical differences with a large portion of the many bikers I know, I also do not fall into line with mainstream society and the average person’s viewpoint.

    BUT….I literally live for my motorcycle, I don’t even own another vehicle. I ride everyday, and I love to ride with my friends and hang out and talk about bikes, work on bikes, and ride bikes.

    Long story short…
    What if I am not trying to be the typical biker, but something completely different? What if I don’t care if I get the support of the community because I fall outside the community?

    • Michael Frantz says:

      Continue to do it. In the Marines we had a saying. Walk your post from flank to flank and take no shit from any rank.
      The more someone says I can’t do something, the morest I want to do it. It’s America for crying out loud.

  41. Michael Frantz says:

    I disagree sir sorry. Since this is America and I earned the right as a Marine to do as I pretty much wish to do. Starting an MC club is in no way disrespectful to any other club. If I set it up simular to other clubs or the VFW, or some other military organisation with rules ect. And come up with some sort of colors or cuts then so be it. If I can back up my cut what’s the problem? The whole this is my state ect is Bullshit. If we are not interfering with other clubs interests then there should be no problem. The one thing that really intrigues me is when others say I can’t do something. As a Marine veteran (100% service connected) I am a true 1% and will start a club in my area if I so choose. Not saying I am going to but will if I want. I understand the whole respect thing as my cousin is an outlaw biker in another state for a high profile biker club, but if I don’t want to run as an outlaw biker but rather a law biding biker that’s my choice not the club across towns.
    We all have our opinions on this subject and I respect yours, but so do I. After all, some of the most famous clubs in American history where started by Marines. Who knows, if I so choose mine might be as well. Thank you for your article, it was enlighting and helping me to choose which direction to go. Semper Fi, infidel for life.

  42. Brian the motherfucker says:

    Prospecting your club? lol really?

  43. Brian the motherfucker says:

    My club don’t gotta prospect shit

  44. Tommy says:

    Ridiculous one sided butt hurt drivel. A pop up club is NOT disrespecting older established MC’s by coming into existence nor are infringing on anyone elses rights. I noticed you really needed to lay that point out heavily in hopes others would follow and agree… if this were the case then every MC short of the very first to have ever been established started by disresoecting others. This nonsense can be further shown to be nonsense with the dollowing analogies. Forming a new Trucking company without expressed asking of other long established trucking companies means the new truxking company is diarespecting and as you say infringing on the rights of the other larger long established companies. When this ridiculous logic is applied across the board in our Society and world… it is shown to be jyst that ..ridiculous and lacking in any logic of any sort. So, yes your first paragraph later is shown to be window dressing and yes asking you or any other club for permission to starr a new club IS thw infringing on anothers rifhts which they do have to start any club they choose. Some just hate competition… ie… main reason so many are fighting eachother over so called territory, yet those territories belong to the American citizen okain and simple. Im a free rider and have been for over 30 years and no one and i mean no one will ever bully me or mine into complying wirh their fantasy created rules.

    • alanbstardmp says:

      it is nonsense but MCs exist as they had the guys to take on other existing MCs and fighting for their place

      They are criminals and their rules are illegal

  45. Ironirony says:

    Interesting article. The irony is it was written by a guy who made up a motorcycle club. Still scratching my head on that one

    • alanbstardmp says:

      basically, what he is saying is you can’t have clun unless you ask their permission. Tis is highlu illegal. You can start your own club anytime, but they will commit acts of violence upon you, even if you mean no harm. They suspect you want a slice of the criminal territory

      Start a club, but just be prepared to fight for it. Bad I know but that’s the way it is/ These MCs are bastards who should be forcibly removed from the street

      • Aaron says:

        Actually, only if you want to run a 3 piece patch, a diamond, a 13, the 1% tab, or any combination of. They usually show up, in force, offer you a support position, if you fit the criteria of a support club, or you can drop your cut (vest and all) and walk away. This is usually how it happens, before ‘Fixing Stupid’ takes place.

      • alanbstardmp says:

        well fixing stupid can call for police action too, especially if there’s a cop of 2 in the club minding it’s own business as a non territorial law abiding club, like the original clubs and especially if cubs are politically on the nose and under scrutiny by authorities

  46. BigJockKnew says:

    Some complete shite being spouted on here and as usual it’s `mountain out of molehill` central.

    In an MC or ride alone? Really, in the grand scheme of things it makes no difference to the average rider and no one gives a toss what you do. Too many internet hardmen with the `nobody will tell me where to ride` or `what to wear` attitude and a lot making fallacious claims of some sort of active service. If you want to puff your chest out and look like a dick wearing some made up bullshit on your leather then feel free. Don’t expect a visit from anyone that really gives a toss anytime soon. You’ll be back in your pink bedroom playing your Xbox and your mum will be ironing your shorts.

  47. Jon Wilder says:

    I’m an independent myself, but I’ve been exposed to club culture enough to know what it’s all about.

    First off…this is a free country and we do have this thing called the “Bill of Rights”. In that BoR exists freedom of expression. This freedom grants us the right to wear whatever we like. This whole thing about 1%-ers and dominant clubs dictating what “citizens” can/cannot wear (do not wear our cuts/patches/colors or face our squirrelly rath) infringes upon this right.

    I ride to local bars and encounter 1%-ers quite a bit. So far every one of them comes into bars in groups wearing their cuts and belt hung daggers and they bring their intimidation tactics with them. Lookin’ at innocent people who haven’t done anything to them like they’re out for blood as if they just kidnapped their child. Yet they claim to “command” respect.

    So let me get this straight…you want me to respect you, yet you’re going to use intimidation to get it? That’s more like “demanding” respect.

    Respect is EARNED…not given or “taken by force through intimidation tactics”. You want respect? Maybe try showing some respect. You just might find that respect falls right into your lap.

    Then you want to dictate what “citizens” can/cannot wear…thereby infringing upon the peoples’ freedom of expression…yet you raise hell when you feel as if Johnny Law or Big Brother is infringing upon your rights? Guess rights infringement is OK so long as it’s not YOUR rights being infringed upon.

    And this whole thing about “territory”…did you buy the city or something?

    We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. We haven’t for quite a few centuries. Show of force is not how we acquire assets, let alone “respect”. Acquiring assets through show of force is what is known as “robbery”. You don’t own the city. You don’t own anything but your bikes, clubhouse, and club assets…nothing more.

    Anyone who cannot show respect does not deserve respect, 1%-er or not. Plain and simple. I as well as many others find intimidation tactics highly disrespectful…especially when using them on innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong to you. I have no respect for clubs who play the intimidation card to demand respect.

    • Ye Enlightened Loner says:

      You mentioned the dark ages, but that’s just it, isn’t it? You meant it in a derogatory way, as if to say it’s ridiculous to suggest we live in the dark ages. However, I would suggest that these times are a dark age. There’s no difference between a patch and a flag hoisted by a band of men-at-arms. There’s no difference between a claim to territory back in the middle ages and now. It’s the same as it was. People joining groups in order to belong to an elite military class. Now, the way you perceive things is different. You value intangible values and qualities, such as the rule of law, democracy and the constitution. But justice is only there for the rich, democracy is for the taking by the strong, and the constitution is something schoolchildren and grunts salute. So, I would suggest that the MCs have a clearer view of reality than you. There’s no justice in this world, only the weak and the strong. That’s why, sometimes, the weak have to band together, have strength in numbers and exert intimidation over peasants. Because some will till the fields and others will tax them, always. Which are you?

  48. Johnny says:

    This was incredibly helpful, thank you. I just started a club myself here in Florida. I clearly stressed that it would be an RC, out of respect for the already well established MCs around my area of Brevard. This article just reinforces my decision. Thanks man, very helpful.

  49. Nate says:

    Although we stand for freedom, follow OUR code or be considered “disrespectful.”.

    Sounds like every propaganda message from big brother ever uttered. Tyranny through the demand for “respect.”

    I respect everyone in general as a rule of thumb. But by “respect” you actually mean “submission.”

    I fought for this country and freedom, anyones attempt at tyranny can shove it. I’ll ride free.

  50. GIFTED 39 says:

    Very helpful and appreciated. Here’s my situation, I have run my own organization since 2005 that started as a group of friends in 1997 when we were kids. We run it now very much like an MC, BUT we consider ourselves more of an SC (street or social club) because not all of us ride and I opted not to convert us into strictly an MC because id that. Some drive or race cars and others are into the big trucks and then there’s those of us who do all of it not to mention the occasional brother who doesn’t do any of it but has been loyal since the beginning. We have our own “colors”, patch which is our family crest and cuts along with our own history. We have been dark for a few years and now we are showing face again because of what we stand for which is Anti-hate, anti-racism, anti-terrorism and we are pro military. I’ve been reaching out to all the people i know involved in other crews and clubs so that there is no misunderstanding about who and what we are. Making sure my previous alliances and truces are still intact. Is there any advice you can offer us since some of us do ride but our club isn’t limited to just bikers?

    Very respectfully,
    Missionaries SC President/Founder

    • GIFTED 39 says:

      I forgot to mention we don’t label our organization as an outlaw or 1% club either and we aren’t drug or gun runners although we are very pro 2nd ammendment.

  51. Robert says:

    I think for myself if I were to own a bike it would be a Harley. I would want to join an established MC that shared my values and beliefs. I have no clue how to start a social or riding club. What could I offer that an already established MC doesn’t already have? I like the idea of rules/regulations, bylaws ,code of conduct along with freedom. This was a great article. Thank you.

  52. Cranky says:

    Amen Brother. Respect is a Lifestyle. I believe you earn it by living it.

  53. David M Lewis says:

    Not a disciple or will I be someone’s bitch just to get some patches

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